Groupe Firma, Projets immobiliers: a history of involvement, expertise and passion

Involvement, expertise and passion for real estate are what led two entrepreneurs to join forces in order to create Groupe Firma. Yannick Poisson Michel, an engineer and building contractor, and Jérôme Thibeault, who formerly worked in the banking industry, set out in the world of real estate with one goal in mind: to build high-quality housing developments with units for lease.

With hundreds of condo units for lease in Montérégie, Groupe Firma has made it their mission to offer tenants unique living spaces in choice locations, with plenty of natural light, exceptional soundproofing, large windows, balconies, WiFi and common areas.

Groupe Firma offers an exceptional experience

Groupe Firma relies on innovation to consistently set themselves apart, maintain the highest standards and offer their clients an exceptional experience. Firma’s properties are built by Gestion Rockethammer Inc., a construction company that has established an exemplary reputation with over 10 years in business.

Chester is in charge of property management. The company offers a personalized approach to tenant management, management of preventive maintenance, emergency repairs and renovations, and standardization of accounting.

Together, the three companies have approximately thirty employees, and the team continues to expand on a monthly basis.

Apartment construction, rentals and management

Groupe Firma already has several developments to its credit, with hundreds of condos for lease.

Our team

The co-founders of Groupe Firma

  • Yannick Poisson Michel
    Yannick Poisson Michel Yannick P. Michel President and CEO of Rockethammer & Co-founder of Groupe Firma

    Trained as an engineer at Polytechnique Montréal, Yannick began his career at Construction Kiewit Inc. where he worked on large-scale projects in Quebec and British Columbia. A born entrepreneur, he founded his own construction company in 2010, Gestion Rockethammer Inc. The quality of his projects allows him to distinguish himself in the field of real estate. He has also won several Domus awards. He has accumulated hundreds of projects in Greater Montreal since the founding of the company.

  • Jérôme Thibeault
    Jérôme Thibeault Groupe Firma co-founder

    Passionate about real estate from a young age, Jérôme worked in the banking world after graduating from HEC in business administration. He first embarked on a 9-year career at GE Capital in corporate finance and then continued in Geneva, Switzerland, for UBS. Being qualified as an intrapreneur in these companies, he decides to leave the world of banks and embark on the world of real estate. It was the meeting with Yannick Poisson Michel that allowed him to find his niche, that of multi-unit rental.

The Groupe Firma team

  • Cathy Thibeault
    Cathy Thibeault Director of Operations and Human Capital

    With a bachelor’s degree in education, it was in school management that Cathy was able to develop her skills in human resources management. Director of Operations and Human Capital, she ensures the well-being of each employee at work, maintains excellence at the operational level by promoting clear and effective communication.

  • Nicolas Lessard
    Nicolas Lessard Groupe Firma Partner

    Associated with the Firma Group, Nicolas has a master’s degree in finance from the University of Sherbrooke. He has 21 years of experience with different financial institutions (GE Capital and Wells Fargo) having been mainly responsible for the relationship with banks and investors.

  • Josée Picard
    Josée Picard Finance Director

    Josée has a management degree from HEC with a specialization in professional accounting. With nearly 20 years of experience in real estate accounting, she has a genuine passion for figures related to development, financing and real estate operations.

  • Marc Leduc
    Marc Leduc Real estate consultant
  • Sébastien Raymond
    Sébastien Raymond Financial Analyst
  • Michael Lemesurier-Gallant
    Michael Lemesurier-Gallant Development Analyst
  • Malyka Schepens
    Malyka Schepens Accounting Assistant
  • Nancy Banville
    Nancy Banville accounting technician

The construction team from Rockethammer

  • Yannick Poisson Michel
    Yannick Poisson Michel President and CEO
  • Luc Proulx
    Luc Proulx Project manager
  • Caroline Slythe
    Caroline Slythe project coordinator
  • Valérie Brunet
    Valérie Brunet Project manager, junior
  • Isabelle Charest
    Isabelle Charest Project Coordinator & IT Manager
  • Samuel Lalonde
    Samuel Lalonde Architectural technologist
  • Valérie Deguire
    Valérie Deguire Project coordinator
  • Pierre-Luc André
    Pierre-Luc André Estimator & Health and Safety Manager
  • Geneviève Levesque
    Geneviève Levesque Financial Controller
  • Karine Gaudet
    Karine Gaudet Accountant technician
  • Yohann Gauthier
    Yohann Gauthier Site foreman
  • Pierre Latreille
    Pierre Latreille Site foreman
  • Jean-Philippe Beaudoin
    Jean-Philippe Beaudoin Site foreman
  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker Companion carpenter-joiner
  • Daniel Ladouceur
    Daniel Ladouceur Companion carpenter-joiner
  • Richard Émond
    Richard Émond Specialized laborer
  • Alain Émond
    Alain Émond Laborer
  • Henri Rubnikowich
    Henri Rubnikowich Specialized laborer

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